13 October 2011

For Those Who Hates:

You know?

In life... there are so many obstacles that we have to face, whether we like it or not. We cried, and cried every time we think about it, alone, and filled our heart with negative comments and hatred. 

Until one day....

... our heart can't take it anymore. 

We became too weak to hate, 
too weak to even get up and smile.

When we realized that we can't even do the easiest thing in the world... which is smile... we get up and walk slowly towards the people that are really care. 

Our family. 

Our friends. 

Allah created them to be in our comfy zone because He knows, that somehow, His creatures wants to speak and to be heard by 'something' that is physical. Isn't Allah's great? (^_^)

Being with my family and friends, I've found out that people who hates me, who do false stories to make me look bad, and to make me feel sad, is someone who lack of...

True? :))

Get a life, haters.

Every false stories that you've made, I get free rewards in hereafter. You?

I know my English is bad... but don't hate. Just love. :p
Pic courtesy: Google.com

Terima kasih sudi baca, 'like' dan juga komen! (^_^)v

02 October 2011


Perasaan apabila melihat wajah sendiri pada iklan Nuffnang?

Namun dengan izin Allah, dan sokongan mereka yang mempercayai kami, kami akan galas sehabis baik amanah ini. (^_^)v


                                        Komik-M                                               PTS One

Duta 'Seronoknya Cuti @ PTS'

Doakan kami ya. :')

Bulan Oktober bulan amanah. Banyak lagi bakal menyusul.

Tiba-tiba rasa nak pitam tengok jadual (yang dilukis dengan rapi dalam minda - voleh?)

Terima kasih sudi baca, 'like' dan juga komen! (^_^)v
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